No eating on the deck today

Here’s what we woke up to this morning. Looks to be about 4″.  Going to be a studio day and getting started on the watercolors.

No eating on the deck today

But the lake is pretty

Great blue heron in the pond

Great blue heron on the shore

When I downloaded my camera for the latest artwork pictures, this was on it, too. It was taken a couple of weeks ago after the leaves had fallen.  I put on the zoom lens and took the picture though the window so I wasn’t sure if it would turn out, but it seems okay.

We saw the big buck again and counted at least 8 points.  Once again it was too dark for a picture and it was hard to count the tines but we all agreed that it was at least 8 and maybe more.  I’d really like to get a picture of him to draw.  

I have decided to take  my acid free greeting cards and do a set either for framing or mailing – subject up in the air as of now, but maybe something inspired by the wildlife we have seen lately.  I am also thinking of making a set of gift tags and bookmarks inspired  from my architectural and animal art.  I need to increase the variety and number of things in my etsy store and this might be a fun way to do it.

A good day to be inside

We are having the first snowfall of the year today.  It’s mostly just a dusting with a little blowing around, but it is a good day to be inside and catch up on computer tasks and then spend the afternoon in the studio.  A few months ago I bought some acid free blank greeting card stock and I think I might play around with that next.  I tried working on some animal portraits, but they weren’t going especially well, so something else is in order.

I have let the last picture sit for a few days and am finally happy with it.  It is a mixed media of pen and ink, watercolor, and firm pastel, and colored pencil.  I like the play of the stonework with the blue door and the terra cotta colored trim.  Very west coast looking.  I found this house on the way to a wedding.  Always take your trusty camera with you.  Digital cameras are a great boon.

The outdoor light for pictures is not great today but what the heck.  I tried an outdoor shot and the wind tried to pick up and blow away the drawing.  Not good.   I decided to take  the pictures inside under my outdoor flourescents and Ott table light this time.  They seem to be okay, but I will rephotgraph it again again when the weather is better just to compare.  I really do prefer the natural light.  Once again I will show the black and white underdrawing and then the finished artwork.

B&W underdrawing

Isn't color wonderful

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