Success in the Art Studio. Back to Work

Once again, they are predicting snow, but this time with a little ice added in. Remind me again why I should like winter. It has been so cold out that I haven’t been able to take pictures in the outside light. I am too afraid of getting condensation on the inside of the lens to try it. The change from drier high sixties indoor air to single digits or teens is more than I want to gamble on. I can’t really take them next to a window or door either because we have a little bit of tinting to keep out some of the uv rays over the summer and it alters the spectrum a little. Even so, I tried to take some photos next to the window and under my ott light and daylight flourescents. Guess which ones I ended up using. I  really prefer to use my photo stand outside when I can. Mother Nature is NOT cooperating. I’ll just have to redo several things when the weather is more conducive.

Anyway here is what I have been working on. I did another of a stone barn that I like in pen and ink with watercolor overlay. I find the stone walls of the barn really appeal to me for some reason and I like to do one when I feel stuck. Here is a link to it in my etsy store.

I also worked on a quick (relatively speaking) pen and ink of the cat we had when the kids were growing up.  We affectionately called her crabby cat when she was all grown up, but here she is while still a kitten.  It has all worked to get me back to more inspired work.  I am already almost finished lining out my next project.  I’ll probably list the Perkins picture in a day or two.

Pennsylvania Stone Barn 2

Perkins kitten

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