Back in the studio

I’m back in the studio today. This week I had 3 50% off coupons at Michael’s and used them all to buy more pen sets. I want to have lots of spares so I don’t get caught without again.

I’m posting another piece of artwork this week. I wanted to try a different style for a change and used a 2 color watercolor wash as a base. I then used the pen and ink to sketch in a building, I kind of like the looseness of the painting. I think it also helps to not get so caught up in detail all of the time. I may try this every month or so just for a change. Besides I like it.

Out my window

Here is a look out my studio window. Fall has arrived and the lake is down because of the extreme lack of rain.

I want to start featuring a piece of my past artwork every week and then posting what I am working on currently several times a month. Hopefully, this will serve as inspiration for the creative process.

As you can see, I do most of my work with a pen and ink base and then overlay color onto it. I use hard pastel chalk, watercolor, and colored pencil – whatever I feel will work best with the subject matter.

Cats’ portraits


is crabby cat Perkins and 2 pictures of Gizmo – one of his favorite view – upsidedown.

Gizmo’s portrait

I went down yesterday to work on Gizmo’s portrait and wouldn’t you know it, my pen was clogged.  I couldn’t get it clear so I ended up lining out the next few projects and then going and buying another pen.  Back to work today.

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