Why I don’t like white buildings

Recently, I have noticed that many of the buildings I have drawn are on the colorful side or have a stone facade. I have been thinking about why that is so.  Why do I prefer the color of a boldly painted structure or the stone buildings that I draw? I have noticed that it is much harder for me to feel motivated to render a building that is predominantly white.  I can obviously do it for a commissioned piece, but when selecting my own subjects, it is always low on the list.

When we built our house a few years ago I was determined to not have bland white or light beige walls. I found it to be uninspiring for me and as difficult as it was to choose the proper paint colors, I knew I had to. I remember that the electrician wanted to put in white box covers and I told him “No, white is for people that can’t pick a color.” He laughed and afterwords, when he had put on the beige covers, he agreed that it was better than the white.

I have made this remark to several people, including an interior designer, and after a little thought, many agree that it is the fear of choosing the wrong color that keeps most to the white or very light beige selection.

This is not to say that I would put up a flourescent green or purple color, but that color has more an effect on our lives than we often notice. We know when we like something, or don’t , but usually can’t tell specifically why.

Anyway, back to the artwork. If you look at my galleries you will see lots of buildings with contrast that I hope is pleasingly done. I’ll include today some of my favorite stone and non-white buildings.

Pennsylvania barn

House in the woods

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