Where watercolor buildings came from

A few years ago, I took a watercolor class with my sister.  I did it mostly to spend time with her since she and her husband had just moved to the area  and get out of the house.  While the class itself wasn’t anything special in terms of new knowledge and skills, I looked at it as enforced artwork time.  I would be creating something one evening a week no matter what else was going on. 

We washed our paper with varying colors and then looked at it to see what appeared.  It is a technique that I adapted later to my pen and ink buildings for use over an initial watercolor wash.  I took one of my photos of an interesting section of a building, made a rough wash, and then quickly inked in the details without rigorous regard for where  the colors actually were.  I like the effect and it is very freeing in terms of my more normally detailed work.  I am thinking of using it on occasion for other things like animal portraiture just for fun.

Red flowers in the watercolor

Blue flowers in the watercolor

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