One last lily pad painting

One last one

I decided on one last lily pad painting before I work with the other landscape photos from our western trip. I’ve been too busy to get more reference photos made so I fell back on the ones I had.

This is basically done. I neglected to take many progress along the way, so this is about it.

Final for Lily Pad 6

This is one of those paintings that took longer at the end that the rest of the painting. I was not happy with the five flowers and fussed and fidgeted with them. I finally removed them and left just a suggestion of one. I think it is much better. I’ll let it sit a bit again and see if I need to make adjustments to the remaining flower.

Finished the Tudor

Inked up

It took a while, but this commission is finished. I loved all of the textures involved. Stone, brick, timbers, and slate. A lovely combination of colors, too. While I wish there more flowers here, the shrubs and mature trees add to it as well.

A commission after my August vacation

Tudor pencil up

After visiting with family and friends for most of August, I finally got back into the studio this week. It’s a nice big one so I will be busy for a bit with the pen and ink and pastels. The purchaser kindly waited for my return and I am glad to be back in at my drafting table. I was starting to miss it.

Number 6

A few days in
First layer
Penciled in

I got larger canvas to work with this time (16×12). I must be getting bolder in my old age. LOL

Lily Pads Number 5

More lily pads

It’s pretty much finished now. Time to let it sit for a while. I kind of like the pinkish aspects of it.

Lily pads again

First layer
Pencil over the toned layer

I got some more lily pad photos from Boise last month and wanted to try again. I’ve actually missed painting them. This is a 12″x12″ canvas. I haven’t decided if I want to stay realistic or try another more abstract one.

Badlands 3 – Done?

Is it done?

After working on this a few more sessions, it is time to let it set and see what I think in a week or so. I am not unhappy with it, but I still don’t feel that it has enough depth.

Day 3 of Badlands 3

Day 3

This is slow going. I can’t seem to get the shadowing correct. It’s gonna be one of those keep painting until it looks okay paintings. Splash and dash kind of thing and look at it later.

Badlands Three

After two days

I spent most of June with family and not much time at the drawing table. (None, in fact. LOL) A week in Boise, ten days at home, and then another week in Boise. A lot of plane time in between. A fun whirlwind but it’s back to the studio now.

I started another Badlands painting prior to the vacation and am getting ready to resume it now. Of course I neglected to take earlier photos, so this is what you get. I like it so far. I have been working hard on not getting hung up with the details and concentrating on shapes and colors.

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